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Premium brand wearables

Launched in January 2017, Garmin and WellteQ have brought together world-leading wearable and navigation engineering with leading-edge wellness and analytics technology to offer a new frontier of corporate connected wellness .Based out of Singapore, WellteQ was selected to deliver the corporate wellness portal for Garmin across greater APAC bringing together both companies’ deep domain expertise to offer a seamless wellness package for employers. Now in 2019, the relationship deepens as WellteQ works even closer with Garmin’s next-generation devices to support mental health and stress programs in 2020. To learn more about Garmin click here.


Revolutionary 3D body imaging technology

MyFiziq is a revolutionary technology that uses pictures from your smartphone to create a representation of you in the form of a 3D avatar with accurate circumference measurements. Being able to accurately assess and monitor changes in body measurement with MyFiziq, and correlate this data with stress, sleep, activity and environmental data from WellteQ enables the user to identify health, risk and performance causal factors. To read more about MYFIZIQ click here.


Intelligent digital pathology that tracks key biomarkers

i-screen biometric data offers unique insights into risk factors for lifestyle-related conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, endocrinological and nutritional deficiencies. A comprehensive report of results complete with recommendations from a medical professional can now be securely delivered to a user’s email inbox within 48 hours. Using i-screen’s extensive network of affiliated collection centres across APAC, WellteQ users will have access to nationally accredited pathology laboratories where their blood samples can be collected, analysed and reported. To find out more about i-Screen click here.


World’s first neuro-cognitive assessment and analytics mobile platform

Savonix delivers the first scientifically proven, consumer-style app that provides valuable information about your brain health and wellness. Assessing many areas of cognition with game-like versions of gold-standard neurocognitive tests, these tests have been shown to predict the development of dementia and to track symptoms such as memory and executive function in other disorders like depression and diabetes. The integration furthers WellteQ’s suite of digital health assessment and wellbeing tools offering a broader and deeper service for its corporate clients. To find out more about Savonix click here,

Doctor Anywhere

Telehealth platform and wellbeing marketplace

Telemedicine provider, Doctor Anywhere, offers 24/7 virtual consultation rooms allow patients to call in from anywhere for a GP appointment, receive an e-medical certificate that can be sent directly to the employer, and have prescribed medication delivered to their home or office within two hours. As an additional benefit, all users will gain access to a health and wellness marketplace, an e-commerce platform offering a range of fitness, beauty and wellbeing products including TCM, personal training sessions, health foods, supplements and dental packages. For more information on Doctor Anywhere click here.


Pioneering mental health technology company

Offering an objective approach to mental health that looks at biometrics for early detection and screening of mental health conditions all from a mobile phone, linking physiological measures and mental health in sleeping patterns. Employees benefit from meaningful outcomes integrated with ongoing programs and accelerated speed of intervention of mental illness to ensure the employee’s workload and role is correctly managed to minimise unplanned sick leave. For more information on Medibio click here.


Mental health company

Mental health platform Lysn offers online mental health coaching and consultations, training and triaging support for high-risk users with access to over 500 psychologists on-demand capable of 11 languages with a global reach. Launched as a digital innovation to the Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) the combined solution offers immediate consultation capability following risk detection. To find out more about Lysn click here.

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